Shadow Elf Scenario


This is a short scenario/encounter to introduce the Shadow Elves.

Location: Aramdol (ruins).

Shadow Elf leader (female): Kruellith.
STR: 15, CON: 15, DEX: 17, SIZ: 16, INT: 17, POW: 17, CHA: 17. Dam Mod: +1D6. HP: 16
Special abilities: Night Sight, Immune to non-magical diseases, +25% Persistence tests against Fear effect (P63) of fearsome 1 creatures.
AGE: 80. Fate Points: 2.
Weapons: Longbow, Scimitar & small shield.
Armour: Scale.

Close Combat: 50
Ranged Combat: 50
Unarmed Combat: 46
Elvish: 57
Mannish: 47
Dodge: 47
Persistence: 40
Resilience: 48

The GM could make Kruellith a caster: Innate Casting: 54
Kruellith: Ath/Decep/Percep: 49/49/48. 
SPELLS: Dark Wall, Fanaticism, Fire Arrow, Fire Blade, Heal, Ignite, Protection.

Shadow Elf warriors (7):
Close Combat: 46
Ranged Combat: 48
Unarmed Combat: 44
Dodge: 38
HP: 16
Weapons: Longbow, Scimitar & small shield.
Armour: Scale.

Warriors: Ath/Decep/Percep: 48/48/47.

A group of adventurers are travelling past the Aramdol ruins, when they spot movement/lights on the outskirts of the ruins.
The shadow elves are returning to their hideout in the ruins after a capturing 5 human slaves.

The Players can try to rescue the slaves.
The Shadow elves have enough coins/gems amounting to 800BP.

(pictured above: an example ruin - by K.Richards)
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