Trouble in the Waterworks


The players are hired to check the sewers/water system below the town/city, as some of the workers have not returned.
A group of workers were sent to investigate, but they to, have not returned.

The group will be paid 100BV each.
The players should make sure they have everything they need before venturing into the sewer tunnels.

The players can have a guide if they wish:
Cobb Aleman: STR: 16, CON: 16, DEX: 15, SIZ: 16, INT: 16, POW: 15, CHA: 16
HP: 16. M-WND: 8, D-Mod: +1d6. Encumbrance: 32.
Skills: Close: 50, Ranged: 45, Unarmed: 45, Dodge: 45, Persistence: 45, Resilience: 47,
Athletics: 50, Deception: 50, Perception: 50, Driving: 42, Riding: 43, Streetwise: 44

Cobb is a veteran of the sewers.
He’s worked there for 10 years, and knows the tunnels well.

4 x Healing potion#1 1D3+3 HP. ENC 0 (5 per 1 ENC). BV: 200.
4 x Healing potion#2 1D2+1 HP. ENC 0 (10 per 1 ENC). BV: 100.
He also carries 4 torches, 1 lantern with 3 flasks of oil. 3 days of trail rations, crowbar, shovel, backpack, anti-toxin (6), waterskin, flint & steel, rope (50ft), grappling hook, hammer 2 empty sacks.

Weapons & armour: Scimitar (DAM: 1D8)& small shield, Shortbow (DAM: 1D8, 75m).
Ring Armour (AP3). Shortbow has 30 arrows.

The sewer tunnels can be pre-made or made out at random as the players investigate the tunnels.

Tunnel descriptions:
The tunnels are made of brick, which seem covered in moss/slime here and there.
The tunnels are curved, with wall brackets every 3 metres for torches.
There is a small ledge (6 inches high, 10 inches wide) running along both sides of the tunnels along the floor.

Water can be heard dripping from the tunnels with an echoing sound.


(part of the sewer system - By K.Richards)

Before the players start off, if they ask Cobb about the sewers, he may speak of ‘Durwin’.

Cobb remembers that one person came out of the sewers, and now spends his time at the local inn drinking his days away; or as Cobb states: “drinking away the memories of that day.”

If the players decide to visit the inn to see Durwin, they’ll find him in a dark corner with an almost empty jug of ale.
Description: A man in his late 30’s with scruffy looking dark brown shoulder length hair.
He looks unkempt, unshaven, with a scar across his right cheek.
His clothes as well have seen better days.

As soon as Durwin see Cobb, he buries his face in his flagon of ale.
Durwin empties the rest of the jug into his flagon, and continues drinking.

When Cobb informs Durwin that more people have disappeared in the sewers, and the players are going to investigate, Durwin replies “sick of life are they?”

Durwin is not in a chatty mood (-25% Influence), but players buying him a flagon of good ale (half BV) will gain +10% Influence, or a jug of good ale: 2 BV (+30% Influence).

If successful, Durwin will answer most questions asked by the players, including his scar ‘The monster’ gave it to him.
He says he couldn’t see all of it, as it was dark, but it was large and had 2 tentacles that struck him and his group about with ease.

“I thrust my sword all the way to the hilt into that foul beast, but it just made it angry.
If you find my sword, please return it.”

“I think it might have had a ‘friend’ but I’m not sure. I know I heard something in the other large chamber.”

Players may promise to return Durwin’s sword if they find it.
A few more BV may help him – sort of, to drown his sorrows.


Giant Rats: These overly large rats are the size of dogs.
STR: 13, CON: 11, DEX: 13, SIZ: 3, INT: 4, POW: 6, CHA: 3, HP: 7, Maj-Wound: 4.
Move: 20m, Combat: bite 40% (1d6). Group: 1d3+1

Rat-Men: Small, humanoids with rat heads, claws and feet.
STR: 1d6+6, CON: 1D6+6, DEX: 2D6+6, SIZ: 1D6+6, INT: 2D6+3, POW: 2D6+4, CHA: 1D6+6.
STR: 12, CON: 10, DEX: 15, SIZ: 10, INT: 11, POW: 12, CHA: 10, HP: 10, Maj-Wound: 5.
Dodge: 30, Persistence: 30, Resilience: 30.

Rat Men description: These humanoids stand about 5, to 5 and half feet tall, with a hunched appearance.
They wear hoods to cover their faces, which doesn’t totally hide the ‘snout with whiskers’ protruding from the heavy cloth hood.

These hybrid (anthropomorphic) rat-like creatures stalk ruins and sewers.
They have learned the art of manufacturing weapons and armour.

Weapons: 1-handed (swords, daggers, etc). Ranged: Shortbow, Dagger, Dart, Hatchet, Shortspear, Sling.

Most often, their weapons (mostly their ranged weapons), are smeared with a poison:
Type: ingested or smeared. Delay: none (instant). Potency: 50. Full effect: 1D3.
Duration: 1 round.
For example, darts, daggers and shortbows are most commonly smeared with the poison.
Sometimes their melee weapons are smeared with it.

Armour: Light armour (leather: AP2). There is a 50% chance for each rat-man in a group to be equipped with leather armour.

These creatures are mostly skirmishers. They like to operate at night (night vision).

The Rat Men snipers use hit & run tactics, appearing from corners and dark shadows to suddenly let off a shot, then ‘scarper’ off for the next opportunity.
50% chance of poison arrows.
They carry a shortbow and shortsword. 50% chance of leather armour.

Giant Spider: Fearsome 1
STR: 20, CON: 18, DEX: 11, SIZ: 20, INT: 7, POW: 7, CHA: 5, HP: 19, Maj-Wound: 10.
D-Mod: +1D6. Move: 10m. Tough hide: 3AP.
Dodge: 36, Persistence: 36, Resilience: 48.
Unarmed: 60. Bite: 1D8. Bite is poisonous: Type: ingested or smeared. Delay: none (instant). Potency: 50. Full effect: 1D3. Duration: 1 round.

Sewer Slug:
STR: 21, CON: 19, DEX: 10, SIZ: 21, INT: 7, POW: 8, CHA: 6, HP: 21, Maj-Wound: 11.
D-Mod: +1D6. Unarmed: 60.
This abomination has grown to a very large size, feeding on rats, sewage, etc.
Appearance: A large slug-like monster, about 20-30 feet long, with 2 tentacles at the front.
It has a thick, slimy blubbery hide.
Tentacles: Can ensnare/grapple its prey, or use them to make a strike/whipping attack.
It has no armour, but the blubbery hide reduces damage by 3 points, which basically acts as a form of damage reduction.
It has 2 attacks.
If the tentacles cause damage to a target, the slime enters the bloodstream and make it drowsy: Resilience roll. Fail: -10% all skills for 1D3+1 rounds.

Durwin’s sword can be seen stuck in the monster’s hide.

The Rat Men have 1d8+10 BV on them.
The Giant Spider: 1d4+2 gems worth 1d3x100BV each (100-300BV each).
The Sewer Slug: Durwin’s sword (+1 dam), 1D4x100BV.

The rat-men may carry a poison globe (carried by the group leader), who wears an anti-toxin leather mask to protect him against the poison globe gas.
Poison globe damage: 1D6+2, 3 metre area, duration: 1D4+1 turns.

Some rat-men may also carry Healing potion#2 1D2+1 HP. ENC 0 (10 per 1 ENC). BV: 100.

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